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Being Anonymous On The Internet


CyberGhost is a Romanian Internet anonymization service, originally founded in Germany. The computer’s IP address is replaced by other encrypted addresses. With the help of the VPN client, new IP addresses are generated via remote servers, so that page providers cannot draw any conclusions about the individual user. As the CyberGhost test shows, no activity is recorded and no log files are stored during use. This provides additional protection of privacy. The VPN service can easily be compared to other big providers on the market.

With the program another problem can be avoided on the Internet. For example, videos on YouTube are not available in all countries. The same applies to certain television stations such as NBC or BBC. With CyberGhost VPN, the user can securely and anonymously access all blocked online video and music files.

Effective Protection Against Hacker Attacks

To encrypt the IP addresses, the software uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in 256-bit format. A so-called “tunnel” is used, which diverts all Internet traffic and makes the IP address of the user unrecognisable. This means that hackers or data espionage can hardly be attacked. The program also supports four different protocols (L2TP, IPSec, PPTP and OpenVPN). This provides additional protection for those who carry out their financial transactions on their home PC, smartphone or tablet PC.

In the CyberGhost test, the VPN client was able to access around 650 servers in 30 countries. All of them are equipped with a powerful firewall. The user is perfectly protected in this way and can move around the Internet completely anonymously. Tracking and analysis websites are consistently blocked by the software. The transfer of dangerous data is automatically blocked via the Windows client.

Another feature of CyberGhost is the integrated password manager. A virtual keyboard secures the entry of passwords. In addition, the passwords are checked for security. If necessary, the user receives important tips on password security.

Further Security Features Aailable

If the Internet connection is interrupted, security and anonymity are maintained in full. The open connections are immediately blocked via the “Auto-Internet-KillSwitch” feature. In this way, the CyberGhost test prevented personal data from being released in the event of a connection termination without any action on your part. In addition, the provider uses firewalls for data backup, which are installed on secure servers.

In the new version, the security services have again been significantly improved. Thanks to the new “CyberGhost” function, unsafe websites and malware are now also detected. The program then prevents access to the corresponding digital threat. If the selected web page supports the HTTPS protocol, this option is forced by the software.

Test The Performance Of CyberGhost

Since the client logs in via one of the worldwide servers, almost all content can be accessed. This also applies to content that is blocked due to the country code of an IP. In addition, the software has an adblocker that can be used to switch off advertising on the websites. Those who only have a certain surf volume benefit from data compression and filtering.

The program performed well in the CyberGhost test. All web pages can be opened quickly and there are no delays for downloads. Viruses and malware are kept away from the computer by detouring through the CyberGhost servers. Phishing attacks are thus almost impossible.

Premium Version At A Glance:

  • Monthly price of 4,99 Euro
  • 4.16 monthly with annual payment
  • All features available
  • No waiting times or delays
  • 650 servers from 30 countries available
  • Unlimited data volume
  • Can be used on one device
  • No advertising
  • Volume reduction through data compression
  • Free app for iOS and Android

For the Premium Plus version 7.99 Euro per month or 6.66 Euro for annual payment. There are no advantages in terms of functions compared to the premium version. However, the software can be used on up to five devices.
Premium Plus Version at a glance:

  • Monthly price of 7,99 Euro
  • 6.66 for annual payments
  • Available on up to five devices
  • All features of the Premium Version

System Requirements For The Software

The program ran in the CyberGhost test also with a mediocre PC without problems. With regard to speed, however, it depends on the package booked. With the freeware the bandwidth is throttled to 1 Mbit/s. For the other two variants, there is no speed limit. Thus, the speed of the packets depends on your Internet connection. According to our CyberGhost experience, the distance to the server used also affects the quality of the connection.

For Windows, a PC with 32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64) processor is recommended. Depending on the operating system, 2 gigabytes of RAM should be available. The software is also available for Macs with Intel x86 processor and 512 MB RAM, depending on the OS X used. At least iOS 5.0 or Android 4.0 is required to use the app.

Simple Operation Of The Software

Download and installation of the software is completed in a few minutes. The user is then guided step by step through the configuration. The user account is absolutely anonymous, no e-mail address is required. Instead, only a random user name and password are generated.

The software offers a very user-friendly interface, which makes encrypting the IP address a breeze. The location and IP address of the computer are displayed on a world map at all times. Under the items simulated country and simulated IP address, all available encryption servers are displayed in lists. These can be selected manually or automatically as required. Click on the yellow button in the middle of the window to start the connection. The Power button completes the process and connects the computer to one of the CyberGhost servers.

Help And Support In The CyberGhost Test

Users of the freeware version can access an extensive knowledge database with instructions for all clients and protocols as well as a FAQ collection with solutions in case of questions or problems. If you have a premium subscription, you will receive additional support. Customers can create a ticket in their personal customer area. The processing took place in the CyberGhost test within 48 hours. There is also a blog on the website with extensive news and information. This can also be used to clarify many questions in advance. Customer service is available Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

Conclusion Of The CyberGhost Test

CyberGhost is a powerful software that reliably encrypts IP addresses. One of the advantages is that no log files are saved. Thus the user remains invisible to CyberGhost. The program works without problems on both Windows and Mac computers. There are also apps for iOS and Android. The program encrypts the IP using 256-bit AES and accesses more than 500 servers in 30 countries.

OP addresses are exchanged and users can choose between four different protocols. The software also includes a number of other features, for example to protect against malware or advertising blocks. The free version can be used for testing, but one of the premium versions is recommended.