Terms of Service

Last updated: August 20, 2016

YouClap respects the sea lions and stays against any exploration type made by the human being. This animal and their relatives should be respected in their natural habitat and they should never be humanized.

By using YouClap application and respective services, through your smartphone, you consent and agree to these Terms of Use. If you don’t agree with the content present, you must not access or use the YouClap Service.


First, you must create a YouClap account to be able to access and use our services. To this, you must provide some public personal data for creating a new YouClap user profile.

You must have at least 13 years old to use the Service YouClap and their application. If YouClap detects that you are not old enough, we will immediately proceed to lock the account and all content associated with it.

You can not request, collect or use the login credentials of other YouClap users.

You are responsible for maintaining a confidential and secure password. We recommend the use of “strong” passwords (with a combination of lowercase, uppercase, numeric digits letters, and symbols) or in your YouClap account or others that are associated with YouClap. The YouClap can not and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from a failure of the user himself by not meeting the above requirements.

You are solely responsible for your own conduct and any data, text, photos, videos, files, content that you submit, publish or show through our application. Note that all content that is sent, is displayed in the application and can be viewed or accessed by other users. You should only provide/submit content that makes you comfortable (whether staff or third parties) to be shared with other users under these terms.

You can not use the YouClap Service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.

You can not publish photos, videos, comments with violent content, that show nudity, that is discriminatory, illegal, pornographic, that encourage hatred, which promotes eating disorders such as anorexia and/or bulimia. You can not also defame, harass, oppress, abuse, threaten, use, crab and/or misrepresent of the identity of others (person or entity). For your safety, you should not post private or confidential information (whether that user is), such as credit card numbers, social security or alternative national identification numbers, phone numbers and nonpublic e-mail addresses through the Service. YouClap is not responsible for any behavior that you adopt and if you’ve taken one of these actions mentioned above, your account will be blocked by our control team.

You are responsible for any activity that occurs through your account and agree that you will not sell, transfer, license or assign your account.

When you use our services, declare that all information provided to YouClap, including the User Name and more information is true, accurate, current and complete, agreeing to update the respective information as needed, to maintain the veracity and accuracy of the same.

You can not try to prevent another user enjoy the YouClap, and you can not encourage or facilitate disrespect to these Terms of Use or any other terms of YouClap.

You can not use domains names or web URLs in your own profile name user without prior written consent of YouClap.

You can not interfere or disrupt the YouClap and respective network servers connected to the Service, including transmitting worms, viruses, spyware, malware or other destructive nature code or harmful. Additionally, you can not inject content or code neither alter/affect the presentation of YouClap page in the browser or on users’ devices.

Furthermore, you can not create accounts in the system by unauthorized sources for example automated devices, such as scripts, bots, spiders, crawlers or scrapers.

The disrespect of these Terms and Conditions of Use may, by YouClap’s decision, result in shutting off your account. Understand and agree that YouClap can not be responsible for any content that you publish in the application and respective Services.

See our Privacy Policy data (which is available at the following link www.youclap.tech/legal/privacy) to find out how we safe your data.



YouClap’s Services are constantly updating and evolving. These updates may occur without notice the User. YouClap’s Service may stop, temporarily or permanently, be unavailable to users without any notice. We also maintain the right to create storage limitations of use, by our decision, at any time without notice.

We reserve the right, at our own decision, to modify these Terms of Use unilaterally and without prior authorization of users or third parties, unless the change is for legal reasons. You agree how we can notify that the Terms were updated by publishing them in the Service and the respective use of the Service after the date of entry into force of the new Terms constitutes acceptance of the updated Terms. Therefore, the user, before accessing our Services, should read these Terms of Use and any updates that may arise. The Terms of Use shall guide any disputes arising before the date of entry of the updated Terms.

We reserve the right to refuse access to the Service to anyone for any reason at any time.

You are solely responsible for the interaction with other users of YouClap, whether online or offline. You agree that YouClap is not responsible for the conduct of any user. YouClap reserves the right, but not the obligation to monitor or to get involved in disputes between users.

You agree that you are responsible for all mobile data costs arising from the use of YouClap Service.



YouClap does not claim ownership of any user-posted content. Instead, you grant to YouClap a non-exclusive, fully paid and free from copyright, transferable, liable to sublicense and globally applicable to use the content posted by you, bound to our Privacy Policy which is available for query on the following link: www.youclap.tech/legal/privacy.

You declare and warrant that:

1. You are the owner of the content you post on the Service or that you, somehow, own the right to assign the rights and licenses set forth in these Terms of Use; 2. The publication of your content through YouClap’s Service does not disrespect, does not constitute misappropriation, neither violate the rights of third parties, including but not limited, to rights of privacy, publicity, copyright, trademark and/or other proprietary rights; 3. You have the legal rights and ability to subscribe these Terms of Use in their respective jurisdiction.

The entire YouClap’s content is its authorship, ownership or licensed by YouClap. The YouClap Content is protected by copyright and trademark. You can not remove, alter or hide any copyright mark, trademark, service mark or other proprietary rights notices accompanying the content of YouClap. You also can not reproduce, modify, adapt, prepare derivative works based on, perform, display, publish, distribute, transmit, disseminate, sell, license or otherwise exploit the YouClap’s Content.

The name, the logo, the custom graphics, buttons and icons are service marks, trademarks and/or brand images of YouClap, which can not be copied, imitated or used, whole or part without prior written permission of YouClap except in accordance with our brand standards, available at the following link www.youclap.tech/legal/brand.

The YouClap is not liable to you for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Services or total or partial loss of any content.

Unless established in the Privacy Policy, available at the following link www.youclap.tech/legal/privacy between you and YouClap any content will be nonconfidential and nonproprietary to YouClap of which will not be liable for any use or disclosure of the contents. You acknowledge and agree that the relationship between you and YouClap is not confidential, fiduciary, or any other type of special relationship and that your decision to submit any content does not put the YouClap in a different position from other users. In short, none of your content that you publish will be subject to any obligation of confidentiality by YouClap, and YouClap will not be responsible for any liability or disclosure of any Content provided by you.



YouClap respects third-parties copyright, so we hope that you also respect that. If you violate repeatedly third-parties property rights, YouClap will disable your account, as appropriate.



According to the maximum allowed by law, neither YouClap nor its employees, regardless of their contractual relationship and/or its existence perform any representations, warranties or support of any kind, express or implied, concerning:

1. the YouClap Service; 2. the YouClap’s content; 3. the content of the users; 4. the security associated with the transmission of information to the YouClap.

The YouClap can not guarantee that the application and their services are free of errors or interruptions, will not be liable for any damages that they may cause to users. The YouClap ensures that everything will do to correct such fortuitous situations.

The YouClap will not be liable to the user for any loss or damage of any sort, that are directly or indirectly related particularly with:

1. The use or inability to use, by the User or application performance and their services; 2. any action taken in connection with owners of copyright or intellectual property; 3. any errors or omissions in the operation of the application and related services; 4. any damage on user’s smartphone, regardless of their origin including but not limited damages resulting from any breach of security or any virus, bug, error, omission, interruption, defect of any order, online or software failure, or any other damage.

In none case, YouClap shall be liable to the User or anyone else for any loss, damage or injury, including but not limited to death or personal injury.

The YouClap rejects responsibility to any person or entity for any loss, damage or other cause of any kind, based on / or resulting from the use of the Service with disregard for our conditions and policies.

The YouClap is not responsible for the actions and omissions, content, information or third-parties data. The User exempts YouClap, and their respective employees from any claims and damages, known and unknown, arising and/or connected in any way with any claim you may have against such third parties.



These Terms of Use are governed and interpreted in accordance with the Portuguese law and are governed, in particular, by Law n.º 67/98 of 26 October which governs the Personal Data Protection Law recently updated by Law n.º 103/2015 of 24 October came to add Article 45 – regarding the inclusion of false data, the Portuguese Constitution, Article 35.